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ocd rules!

Because I had nothing else better to do last night, and my ocd tendencies made an appearance,  I went through all of D13's entries and tagged them correctly and made all my old entries members only. I've felt this need since I redesigned the look of the comm to organize everything and really make this place active. What I'm asking of you guys is if you have made posts here, please go back and lock them :) We do not have that many posts that it would take you long to go back to the beginning. If you guys do this, I WILL BE A VERY HAPPY MENTOR INDEED. After this post I'm gonna be kind of harsh and say if its not member locked it may be deleted. This goes for my fellow mentors and myself also. So the tagging business, tags are an easy way to browse past entries. We have tags like "character discussion," "movie cast!" and "discussion." You can find them all in the sidebar under the tab "tags." When you make a post just use one of the ones available or if you don't know what to tag it, "i don't know what to tag this." Only mentors can create new tags, but if you think there needs to be a new tag just mention it in a post and we will put it up.  A made a picture so you can see where members only and the tags stuff belongs under the cut. Other than that, HAPPY POSTING!

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Convince me to read HG fic!

I admit it.  I'm afraid.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I came to twific after the Twilight series was complete and I didn't have to think about how it would affect my reading of the books?  Maybe because I really enjoy SC's style, and I wonder how fanfic would feel?  

In any case, I've opened the rec threads, and I've yet to bring myself to read anything.  Is there one you would say is a MUST read or a good starting point?  Maybe I should just wait until the 3rd book is out.

Cast Suggestion

I was discussing The Movies with my friend and she brought up the idea/need of making the movie reach a wider audience, and more politically correct by making sure some of the main characters are from different enthnic backgrounds....Like they did for Twilight. We thought about which characters this can be easily applied to...I thought of Finnick. He is described as kind of a bronze Godly type...My mind immediately went to this actor:

His name is Jesse Williams. He is from Grey's Anatomy and he is pretty bronzy and Godlike looking...No?? With some bronze highlights in his hair, he would even look more Finnick like. He also has the build for it...Anyone else seen Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2??? Because one gets to see A LOT of Jesse in that film.

I am thinking outside of the box here.
I would love your opinion.
This is my first post. I hope this kind of question is ok.

What will be your reactions to Katniss' choice in Mockingjay?

Okay, so I got this idea from the previous thread. Although I do see how Gale can be a fitting choice for Katniss, I also can't deny the fact that I think Peeta is the better choice for her. So that got me wondering, how would Katniss/Gale lovers feel if Mockingjay were to seal a Katniss/Peeta future? Or vice versa? Would you be upset? Or do you think SC is going to leave it up for interpretation? If she didn't give a definitive answer, how would you feel? Tell me tributes!

And here's some pretties:

For the Peeta lovers:


And for the Gale lovers:

Happy Easter

I hear there is a holiday approaching in District 13! While it's one we in the Capitol like to celebrate by dying our skin various pastel colors, and wearing nothing but glitter for clothing, I heard your traditions may be slightly different. So, the Mentors and I would like to wish all you wonderful Tributes a very Happy Easter.

And if by chance you celebrate this joyous holiday the same way we do, please share pictures. I'm sure every one would love to see your fabulous Easter outfits. 

Katniss is Tall, Blonde, and Leggy

Katniss is cast? 

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Did anyone else read this article at the Mockingjay?

It's about Taylor Momsen being cast as Katniss. I had no idea who this girl was because I don't watch shows on the CW, but I wanted the actress to be relatively unknown, so I guess it's okay. Obviously, she'll need to dye her hair. I was looking at some images of her and in this image I can see it.

She's a naturally beautiful girl. But in this image, a little tougher to see Katniss.

What do you think? I couldn't find the article in the source they listed. So it very well may be an April Fool's joke. 
Midnight Toker


Do you like music AND twifics? Well so do we!

So a few months back, mentor Kimvi and I made a mix for the fic Dear Isabella. 

We realized that we had no place to post it and wanted to make a Comm on Livejournal. 

We suck at all that tech stuff so we never got around to it.

I recently told mentor Erica_Lopeezy and she jumped right into it!

Thus, it was created. And we are now able to invite all that would like to join to come along!

We are moderated as the ficmixes are downloadable and we just want to avoid any problems that could cause.

All you have to do is follow the link above or here and post a comment in the post for it so we know who you are and click the request to join and we will approve you!

Hope to see you guys there.

OMG! I SO just copied and pasted this from when I did it on ADF. I am sooo the lazy mod. I am lucky that I even did this!
Also, I am assuming that this post is ok as oHALEno was the one that suggested it on Twitter so I did it for Erica, Kimvi, and myself.

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